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Southern California's climate is ideal for outdoor living. With warm summers and mild winters you can enjoy the outdoors year-round. By having your own outdoor living space installed in your backyard you could take full advantage of this wonderful climate. Popular features to include in a Southern California landscaping project are swimming pools, fire features, outdoor kitchens, sport courts and more. Let the team at CLM help you take full advantage of your home's potential.


Think of your property as an opportunity to extend your living space. With the amazing work Contemporary Landscape & Maintenance professionals do it is like adding a room onto your home. You can have an outdoor fireplace, a fully equipped kitchen with commercial grade appliances, and comfortable furniture that looks like it belongs inside. But if you aren't ready for a huge project you can start by increasing your curb appeal with new landscaping plants and some containers. So many options to enhance your home, let CLM help you decide and plan your investment.

  • Selecting plants for Southern California's Mediterranean climate
  • Using low-voltage lighting to illuminate your landscape
  • How to address driveway drainage in a unique and natural fashion
  • Creating colorful mosaic walls in your garden
  • Enhancing the privacy of a front courtyard
  • What water-wise groundcover to grow amongst paving
  • How to take advantage of a hillside
  • Dividing a large yard into distinct outdoor rooms
  • What materials to use for a modern pool deck
  • Incorporating built-in seating into your landscape
  • Using permeable paving to reduce runoff
  • Installing a custom spa in a small yard
  • Removing your lawn to cut back on water use
  • What colors, décor, materials, plants and fabrics are best for a Modern garden

These are just a few of the many ways CLM can help you enhance your outdoor living space. Contact us today!

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