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Welcome to the Inland Empire!

We hope that you are settling in to your new home nicely!  We know that taking care of your yard is one of the last things that you have time to do.  We would be glad to meet with you to set up a maintenance program designed around your needs, or start planning a garden renovation to make your yard truly your own.  Perhaps the trees and shrubs in your yard have become overgrown… we would be happy to come out and take a look at your new property and develop a plan of action to give you peace of mind knowing that you have one less thing to worry about!

Our “Total Prime Care” philosophy means that taking care of your entire yard is just one phone call away.  We take care of your neighbor's yard, why not yours too?

To get acquainted with our team and to set up your landscaping services, please contact us today.



Tired of bad customer service? Tired of no customer service? Want a reliable, professional landscape company? Look no further!

Our team of outstanding professionals is ready and waiting to help you create a picture perfect landscape. Our “Total Prime Care” philosophy means that we are ready and able to tackle any need that you might have. We are committed to providing the highest level of satisfaction for our clients. With all of the hassles in life, your landscape company should not be one of them.

To switch providers and hire Contemporary Landscape & Maintenance, please contact us today.



Already a CLM customer? Want to add another service? We would be happy to help!

As a Contemporary Landscape & Maintenance customer, your needs and wants are our number one priority.  We are very happy to be serving your landscaping needs and would be delighted to help you even more!  When you are ready to tackle a big project, upgrade, or just add a little flair, it is as easy as one phone call.

To ensure prompt scheduling of your new service, please contact us today so we can immediately get in touch and schedule a time to discuss your plans.

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